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Mac POS (point of sale) software
designed for clothing & shoe stores.
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Point of Sale Software & Inventory Control Software


If you have a retail store that sells apparel, footwear, accessories or sporting goods then tracking sizes and colors is very important. We are not "one size fits all" software unlike most other Mac point of sale solutions.

XpertMart Point of Sale software is designed to help retailers optimize
their inventory by size and color so that you are not overstocked in the wrong sizes and colors -- and to make sure you do have the sizes and colors
your customers are looking for!

XpertMart MAC point of sale software is the only Mac point of sale software designed specifically to tackle this problem. Our library of over 500 Retail Analysis reports will "drill down" sales trends on a Style/Size/Color basis.

XpertMart point of sale software has stayed at the head of the curve when new
versions of Mac OS X have been released, we are one of the fastest point of sale software companies to adapt. We were one of the first point of sale software to run on the Mac Intel processors.

The Mac point of sale software you can trust! We have been selling Mac point of sale for seven years now and have a large base of customers running our point of sale software on their Macs.

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