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You can start using XpertMart™ immediately! Simply click on the leaf (above) to download XpertMart™ for Mac OS X. Please note that you need to use Apple's Safari™ browser to download the dmg file which you need to install our demo software.

This download is completely free of charge. We trust that by using our software you will appreciate all the advantages it has to offer-- much more than you would by reading our sales brochures and technical documents. You are free to use the software for a trial period of 60 days. After that, if you like our software, you will need to purchase a License to continue using XpertMart™. Note that the version of XpertMart™ you are about to download is the Single Store Edition. To be able to transfer inventory and exchange data between stores you will need to buy our Multi-Store Edition.

This trial version includes a database with sample demo data so you can get a clear idea of how XpertMart™ works. If you would prefer to try XpertMart™ with a totally blank database, please email us at: support@xpertmart.com and we will send one to you right away..

Once you have installed XpertMart™t, you will need to login to use the system. Please use the following login and password:

  Login: 123  
  Password: 123  

Click here for instructions on how to install the demo version you are about to download:

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