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XpertMart - MAC POS software offers you one of the most advanced pos systems for chains of shoe and clothing stores. It is an integrated POS software that does everything a cash register does, but much more. All operations at the POS software affect inventory, are stored and synchronized up to the main office system.

haracteristics of  XpertMart - MAC POS Software
  • The pos software can handle an unlimited number of products, departments, salesmen and customers.
  • You cannot keep your customers waiting so XpertMart - MAC POS software is very fast. A simple sale can be made in one minute!
  • The pos software instantly and automatically updates the inventory on hand by Style/Color/Size/Second Size.
  • The pos software handles multiple prices per item.
  • The pos software allows you to add new customers on the fly and specify a customer on each sale.
  • The pos software lets us enter or select the items by bar code, from the items catalog, in a matrix view of the style or downloaded from a portable reader.
  • The pos software lets you easily sale merchandise of a certain style. You can just read in the barcodes or edit the quantities into a Matrix of Color/Size for each style.
  • Complete reports at pos: with photos and matrix format
  • The pos software allows you to see the stock of your warehouse and other stores so you can inform the customer of availability of products sold out in a particular store.
  • Works on a stand alone computer or on a network of computers.
  • Runs on computers with any version of OS X

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